About the Council for Strategic Change:

Believing that UW-Extension – Cooperative Extension is a vital component to the success of Wisconsin’s people and communities, the Council for Strategic Change was created to coordinate the implementation of Cooperative Extension’s organization improvement efforts.

Coordination includes:

  • Incorporating our Purpose, Vision, Values, and Strategic Directions in all of our work
  • Selecting and refining strategic plan recommendations for implementation
  • Identifying appropriate existing or needed work groups, governance, and administrative units for implementation assistance
  • Communicating progress and designing processes that engage all colleagues in implementation activities
  • Evaluating implementation efforts

The coordination and alignment of our activities with our Purpose, Vision, Values, and Strategic Directions will allow us to make informed decisions, deal effectively with current realities, and develop creative solutions that lay out a hopeful roadmap for the future – not only for ourselves, but also for Wisconsin’s people and communities.