CES county and campus-based faculty and academic staff can use UW-Madison Library resources for work-related research and programming.  This service includes access to licensed databases to search and obtain articles, literature alerts and books; Interlibrary Loan/Document Delivery services; and reference assistance from librarians.

This service is facilitated by library staff with Steenbock Library, UW-Madison.  Steenbock Library is the primary resource library for the students, faculty and research staff of the College of Agricultural and Life Sciences, School of Human Ecology, School of Veterinary Medicine and UW-Extension, Cooperative Extension.  The library additionally provides support to the Departments of Botany and Zoology (College of Letters and Science).

Are you a New Colleague or need a refresher on how to access and use the collections and services from UW-Madison Libraries?  If so, please contact Steenbock Librarian, Karen Dunn, for assistance.  She is available to work with individuals and teams via phone, email or appointment.  Schedule permitting, she is also available to attend special meetings, conferences and resource fairs.

Steenbock Library, UW-Madison

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