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The Basics of a Good Road (#17649)

Dr. Thomas Nelson of UW-Platteville draws on examples from throughout history to describe the characteristics of a good road. (1994) – VHS VIDEO  (15:00).

Driving Modern Roundabouts: Rules of the Road (#18918)

Shows how to drive through a roundabout, explaining the rules of the road for roundabouts. The rules are illustrated using video of traffic in a multi lane roundabout. Discussion of truck, pedestrian and bicycle travel through roundabouts is also included. Appropriate for presentation to officials and the public when roundabouts are proposed or are being opened to traffic. (Also available as part of Roundabout DVD – #19129) (2002) – DVD  (10:00)

Endangered Species Act: Build Smart (#18785)

Interactive 2 CD-Rom set provides information on the Endangered Species Act as it applies to highway construction.  Disk 1 provides an introduction to the ESA, an explanation of compliance to the ESA and a review of the independent duties an agency has under the Act.  Disk 2 covers constructing to the ESA, two case histories and additional resources for inspectors. (2004) – TWO CD-ROMS.

Frost Action in Soils (#16557 )

Descriptive and visual account of the reaction of soils to freezing, a major cause of pavement damage.  – VHS VIDEO  (14:00)

Introduction to Modern Sewer Design (#18555)

An introduction to modern storm sewer concepts and the integral part played in them by corrugated steel pipe.  Discusses types, planning, hydraulics, structural design and rehabilitation.  Intended for engineers.  (1997) – VHS VIDEO  (23:00)

Quality Control of Concrete on Site  (#17726)

Four-part production focusing on testing the quality of concrete on site. Part 1 (14:00) describes sampling and testing for temperature and slump. Part 2 (17:00) describes testing air content and unit weight and making cylinders and beams for compression and flexual strength tests. Part 3 (18:00) focuses on 3 new tests for water content, thermal effects and maturity monitoring. Part 4 (18:00) focuses on new tests for temperature matched curing, velocity and nuclear density. (1994) – 4 VHS VIDEOS (67:00 total)

Removal/Demolition Safety (#18632)

Shows the hazards associated with the demolition and removal of roads, structures, and utilities in preparation for new construction.  Emphasizes personal safety by being knowledgeable about the job, the equipment and the plan. (1999) – VHS VIDEO (11:00).  (Highway Work Zone Safety Series)

Roundabout DVD (#19129)

This compilation of four videos provides a good overview of roundabouts, describing how roundabouts improve safety and reduce delay; explaining how to drive through them; and addressing frequent concerns and questions that often come up when a roundabout is proposed. The videos can be useful for presentation to officials and the public when roundabouts are proposed or are being opened to traffic.  Titles include: “All About Roundabouts”, Wisconsin DOT (11:11), c2007.  – “Roundabouts in Kansas”, Kansas DOT (10:00), c2004. – “Driving Modern Roundabouts: Rules of the Road”, Washington State DOT (10:00), c2002  (Also available separately #18918).  and “How Roundabouts Work”,  Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, (1:56).  – DVD (33:07 – total)

Surveying Safety (#18636)

Focuses on typical hazards faced by surveyors in highway work zones.  Covers personal equipment, being alert, traffic control, natural hazards and hand tools. (1999) – VHS VIDEO (18:00).  (Highway Work Zone Safety Series)