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Basic Principles for Proper Installation of Corrugated Steel Drainage Structures (#18551)

Industry video focusing on steel pipe installation. Covers evacuation, preparation, handling, assembly and backfilling.  Good example of a safe and effective installation. (n.d.) – VHS VIDEO  (20:00).

Bridge Inspection and Maintenance  (#17815)

Discusses types of bridges, bridge components, safety practices, routine inspection and tests required. Recommends maintenance practices to reduce deterioration.  (1995) – VHS VIDEO  (36:00)

Bridge Maintenance for Local Road Crews  (#18524)

Reviews maintenance practices for bridges on low volume local roads.  Includes a discussion of bridges on gravel roads.  (1994) – VHS VIDEO  (14:00))

Culvert Pipe Placement  (#18327)

Demonstrates good practices for installing cross pipes needed to control the flow of water on highways.  (1989) – VHS VIDEO  (9:00)

Culverts: Not Just Something to Pass Over! (DVD Version) (#19007)

Overview of purpose, planning, design and installation of culverts.  Details impacts of culverts on wildlife, erosion and durability. (2002) – DVD  (20:00)

Drainage Pipe Installation (#18667)

Reviews the basics and details of proper culvert installation for field crews.  Details steps involved in planning the installation as well as details and examples of excavating, removing, placing and backfilling culverts.  Demonstrates the benefits of good compaction. (n.d.) – VHS VIDEO  (18:00)

Forest Roads and the Environment Series (#18828)

Six part production providing information on rural gravel and dirt road maintenance.  Set in federal forests, but the basic information is helpful for all rural low volume roads.  Some segments are also available individually as indicated.  Segments include:  1. Forest Roads and the Environment  (18:00). – 2. Reading the Traveled Way (#18560) (16:00). – 3. Reading Beyond the Traveled Way (17:00). – 4. Smoothing and Reshaping the Traveled Way (#18561) (18:00). – 5. Maintaining the Ditch and Surface Cross Drains (16:00). – 6.  Dangerous Travelers (26:00).  (2006) –  DVD (116:00 – total).

The Importance of Roadway Drainage  (#18180)

Basic overview of the importance of roadway drainage.  Includes maintenance techniques for ditches, culverts, storm-sewers and drains.  Also covers inspection tips and liability issues.  VHS VIDEO  (19:00)

Introduction to Modern Sewer Design (#18555)

An introduction to modern storm sewer concepts and the integral part played in them by corrugated steel pipe.  Discusses types, planning, hydraulics, structural design and rehabilitation.  Intended for engineers.  (1997) – VHS VIDEO  (23:00)

Mechanical Cleaning of Unlined Ditches  (#16361)

Defines the 4 principal features of a ditch and their functions, then demonstrates 2 methods of mechanical cleaning of ditches using a motor grader and a backhoe. Stresses the importance of reestablishing positive drainage drainage which is critical to prevent subbase and base failures of the roadway. (1984) – VHS VIDEO  (20:00)

Structures Safety (#18629)

Focuses on typical hazards around the construction of bridges and culverts.  Shows problems with utilities, falling workers, falling objects and cranes. (1996) – VHS VIDEO (12:00). (Highway Work Zone Safety Series).