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A Career in Pork (#19057)

Interactive cd which answers common questions people have about working in the pork industry. (2009) – CD-Rom, Career Planner Workbook (10p).

Careers in the Dairy Industry (#18902)

Skillathon focusing on types of careers in the dairy industry and the type of person or personality best suited to each.  Demonstrates the wide variety of jobs available in the industry. Advanced level. (2007) – LAMINATED SKILLATHON STATION, QUESTION & ANSWER SHEETS.  (Dairy Skillathon Series)

Cooperative Extension: a Great Place to Make Your Mark (#19053)

Used in recruitment, provides a personal perspective on working for Extension from nine county agents from the Central District.  Also includes comments about the contributions and commitment that Extension has made in the district from Extension clients. (2009) – DVD  (21:00)

Maple Syrup Production Series  (#17491)

Four-part production on one video covering all aspects of maple syrup production. Topics covered include: 1. “Maple Syrup – Something Special From Wisconsin (15:00)”; 2. “Tapping the Sugarbush – an American Tradition (10:00)”; 3. “Maple Syrup – Boiling and Evaporation (10:25)”; 4. “Packaging and Marketing Wisconsin Maple Syrup (13:26)”.    VHS VIDEO  (50:00 total)

Technology That Improves Working and Learning with Others (#18259)

4/1/98 UWEX satellite videoconference.  Defines the methods and equipment that help people in organizations work more effectively and learn flexibility.  Demonstrates several important examples of collaborative technology in working and learning, and helps assess readiness to try them. VHS VIDEO, PARTICIPANT PACKET.  Part of  ‘TECHNOLOGY UPDATE SERIES FOR EDUCATION AND GOVERNMENT’. (1998) – VHS VIDEO  (90 min.)