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Forest Roads and the Environment Series (#18828)

Six part production providing information on rural gravel and dirt road maintenance.  Set in federal forests, but the basic information is helpful for all rural low volume roads.  Some segments are also available individually as indicated.  Segments include:  1. Forest Roads and the Environment  (18:00). – 2. Reading the Traveled Way (#18560) (16:00). – 3. Reading Beyond the Traveled Way (17:00). – 4. Smoothing and Reshaping the Traveled Way (#18561) (18:00). – 5. Maintaining the Ditch and Surface Cross Drains (16:00). – 6.  Dangerous Travelers (26:00).  (2006) –  DVD (116:00 – total).

Insects (#18678)

Entomology for Master Gardeners.  Consists of three parts: An introduction (39:40); Managing insects via IPM (22:45) and Beneficial insects (15:00).  (2001) – VHS VIDEO (76:00).

The Wisconsin Gardener: Ideas for Spring (#19019)

Host Shelley Ryan starts with a spring woodland garden that shines in the shade.  Then she travels to Avalon, WI to learn about new plants for small scale gardens including miniature hostas and junior evergreens.  UW-Extension Entomologist Phil Pellitteri shows how to combat bugs with some new insecticides and in Winter, WI the focus is color in the garden. (2009) – DVD  (29:00).

The Wisconsin Gardener: Weeds, Wine and Chocolate (#19022)

Host Shelley Ryan focuses on weeds, wine and chocolate.  In Pardeeville, she learns how to control noxious weeds like Buckthorn, Honeysuckle and Garlic Mustard and how to replace them with something more attractive like Wild Ginger.  In Green Bay, she plants gorgeous containers with plants that go with wine and chocolate.  And finally, she learns recipes for butternut squash. (2009) – DVD  (28:00).