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Insects (#18678)

Entomology for Master Gardeners.  Consists of three parts: An introduction (39:40); Managing insects via IPM (22:45) and Beneficial insects (15:00).  (2001) – VHS VIDEO (76:00).

The Wisconsin Gardener: Urban Gardening (#19121)

Master Gardener Shelley Ryan and her guests learn what horticultural therapy is and how it’s used; buy local at the South Madison Farmer’s Market, learn how to dry home grown fruits and vegetables; and discover some of the unique places where bees thrive. (2012) – DVD (26:45).

The Wisconsin Gardener: Whiffs, Wasps and Wonders (#19117)

Shelley Ryan and her guests learn to recognize the Dutch Elm Disease fungus; visit the historic Village of Cooksville where outhouses have become the focal point of elegant gardens; discover a giant wasp that is new to Wisconsin and learn  ikebana – the ancient Japanese art of flower arranging. (2012) – DVD (26:45)