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Fall Care of Spring Flowering Bulbs  (#15256)

UW-Extension Horticulturalist Melinda Myers demonstrates how to plant spring flowering bulbs and how to protect them over the winter months. (1984) – VHS VIDEO (10:00), PROGRAM GUIDE.

Gardening and Arthritis (#18947)

Focuses on how gardening is a great way to maintain physical activity and helps improve nutrition – two viable strategies for addressing arthritis.   A Wisconsin Arthritis Program representative provides facts about arthritis and a USDA representative provides nutrition information.  In addition, demonstrates a variety of tools and techniques that help reduce stress on joints while gardening.  Describes how to make gardening easier, simple ways to modify the tools you already own, a few helpful tools and aids such as kneelers and seats, and gardening in raised beds and containers.  Includes a “tour” of a garden planted by a master gardener. Completely revised and expanded from 2007 production. (2008) – DVD  (34:00)

Insects (#18678)

Entomology for Master Gardeners.  Consists of three parts: An introduction (39:40); Managing insects via IPM (22:45) and Beneficial insects (15:00).  (2001) – VHS VIDEO (76:00).

Loosen Up! With Stretches and Body Mechanics (#19108)

Yoga therapist and teacher Julie Vosters demonstrates stretches and body mechanics which help people get in shape for vigorous exercise and physical activity in general though she focuses on gardening. (2011) – DVD (30:32).

The Wisconsin Gardener: Japanese Gardens (#19142)

Master Gardener Shelley Ryan and her guests focus on Japanese gardening.  They start off with a visit to Anderson Japanese Gardens in Rockford, one of the premier Japanese gardens of North America.  In Waukesha, they learn how to create a portable Japanese moss garden.  At Green Bay Botanical Gardens they’re tutored in how to create a simple ikebana flower arrangement. And finally, at Phin Sushi and Japanese Restaurant in Green Bay, Chef Taka turns simple cucumbers into exotic Japanese cuisine.  (2013) – DVD (26:44).

Turning Your Spoils to Soil  (#18255)

Explains the basics of how to recycle your yard and kitchen waste through home composting.  Describes how to use yard waste as mulch and explains the importance of leaving grass clippings on the lawn.  (1997) – VHS VIDEO  (20:00).

The Wisconsin Gardener: Around the World in Wisconsin (#19088)

Host   Shelley Ryan travels around the world without leaving Wisconsin.  In LaCrosse, we tour the gardens of China, Germany, Russia and more at the Riverside International Friendship Gardens. In Alma, at the Hotel de Ville, she visits a secret garden inspired by the gardens of Southern France and Italy. She learns about a unique group of plants called “Fat Plants”, many of which hail from Madagascar,   Mexico and Africa.  Finally she visits plants from Egypt in Sturgeon Bay.  (2011) – DVD  (29 min.)

The Wisconsin Gardener: Asparagus, Grass & Daffodils (#19063)

Host Shelley Ryan and her guests look at a variety of things green.  They learn how to keep lawns green and healthy with a minimum of care and chemicals.  Then they learn how to plant and grow asparagus by following a few simple guidelines, ending with a lesson in how to make asparagus soup and a roasted asparagus salad.  Finally Ryan travels to Lodi and discovers how the community banded together to create a living memorial with daffodils. (2010) – DVD  (29:00).

The Wisconsin Gardener: Baileys Harbor (#19009)

Host Shelley Ryan visits the Ridges Sanctuary in Baileys Harbor, Door County.  In addition, she demonstrates preserving the harvest in an unusual manner for adults only.  Plant Pathologist Brian Hudelson shows what happens to plants when there is too much water.  Finally the program ends with a special visit to a wheelchair accessible garden that is functional, attractive and affordable. (2008) – DVD  (29:00).

The Wisconsin Gardener: Celebrate Fall! (#18949)

Master Gardener Shelley Ryan and her guests celebrate fall.  She looks at ornamental grasses in the La Crosse area, shares fall recipes using onions, leeks and garlic with Chef Wave Kasprzak, learns about viruses and how they can affect garden plants and visits some colorful autumn garden displays in Baileys Harbor in Door County, WI. (2007) – DVD  (29:00).

The Wisconsin Gardener: Curing a Brown Thumb (#19109)

Host Shelley Ryan and her guests offer practical advice for people who think they have brown thumbs and for gardeners who just want to have more success in the back yard.   Starting with a visit to the Flying Pig in Algoma they learn how to buy plants that will live.  Next they focus on planting the right plant in the right spot by demonstrating how to read a plant label and how to reach your own back yard.  Finally, soil scientist Doug Soldat takes the mystery out of soil pH. (2012) – DVD (25:10).

The Wisconsin Gardener: Garden Design (#18899)

Master Gardener Shelley Ryan and her guests focus on garden design.  Topics covered include: creating a design, designing a mixed border, choosing color and texture for the garden, creating garden rooms and resources: wreaths, seeds, Dia de los Muertos, bulbs. (2007) – DVD  (28:00).

The Wisconsin Gardener: Gardening and Cooking with Herbs (#18773)

Master Gardener Shelley Ryan takes a tour of an herb garden designed for cooking and teas.  She learns about designing an herb garden and steeping herbs to use in tea and a variety of desserts.  In Green Bay, Susan Beno creates herb butters, chutneys and salsas.  Finally, Larry Schmitt demonstrates how to create beautiful silk scarves using herbs and plants. (2005) – VHS VIDEO  (28:00).

The Wisconsin Gardener: Grow Local, Eat Local (#19092)

In order to eat local, you have to grow local.  Shelley Ryan and her guests look at ways to grow local.  First they visit one of the oldest and largest community gardens in the country – the Eagle Heights Community Gardens where more than 520 plots are   tended by UW-Madison students and their families.  In Appleton, Susan Richardson shares how to grow food in a burlap bag in a parking lot.  Plant Pathologist Brian Hudelson demonstrates how to identify vegetable diseases and what to do to prevent them from happening again next year.  And finally at La Merenda   Restaurant in Milwaukee, owner & chef Peter Sandroni serves up some of his favorite recipes using local foods. (2011) – DVD  (28:00).

The Wisconsin Gardener: Hidden Gems (#19120)

Master Gardener Shelley Ryan and her guests explore little known private and public gardens, including Allen Centennial Gardens on the UW-Madison campus, Giant Terra Cotta Sculptures in Sturgeon Bay, The Gardens of Epic in Verona and Sisson’s Peony Garden in Rosendale. (2012) – DVD (26:45).

The Wisconsin Gardener: Ideas for Spring (#19019)

Host Shelley Ryan starts with a spring woodland garden that shines in the shade.  Then she travels to Avalon, WI to learn about new plants for small scale gardens including miniature hostas and junior evergreens.  UW-Extension Entomologist Phil Pellitteri shows how to combat bugs with some new insecticides and in Winter, WI the focus is color in the garden. (2009) – DVD  (29:00).

The Wisconsin Gardener: Misteaks We Have Maid (#19084)

Shelley Ryan takes a lighthearted look at gardening mistakes we have all made including – common mistakes made with container plantings such as underwatering, overwatering and poor pruning; planting trees & shrubs too close to roads and buildings; common tree planting mistakes including strangulation; and ends with how to fix a pruning nightmare. (2011) – DVD  (29 min.)

The Wisconsin Gardener: Planning Ahead (#18131)

Master Gardener Shelley Ryan and her guests give suggestions for preparing for the arrival of spring. They look at new sunflowers for 1997, good garden websites, fertilizing basics, and choosing a conifer for year round interest.  (1997) – VHS VIDEO  (24:00).

The Wisconsin Gardener: Plants for Clay and a Garden That Rocks (#19087)

Wisconsin’s clay soil is high in fertility, and retains moisture well but not all plants thrive in it.  Host Shelley Ryan checks out a group of prairie plants that love clay on the UW-Green Bay Campus.  Near Delafield at NuGenesis Farm we get an update on the latest organic gardening techniques for the home gardener. Erin Silva shows us how to prevent fungal diseases and even keep the deer away while   eating healthy ourselves. Plant Pathologist Brian Hudelson warns that using free mulch without knowing what’s in it could add diseases to the garden. And finally, we meet a couple who have built an enormous garden while creating a quarry at their home in Seymour, WI. (2011) – DVD  (29:00).

The Wisconsin Gardener: Sustainable Gardens (#19067)

Host Shelley Ryan takes a close look at plants that are beautiful and edible, and gardens that are sustainable. In Spring Green, Ina Lukas demonstrates how to create a garden that will attract both butterflies and gardeners.  At Rotary Gardens in Janesville, Ryan sees a wall composed entirely of ornamental edible plants.  The topic at Carandale Farm in Oregon is Aronia, a shrub that has been used to provide color and highly ornamental fruit.  The fruit is also highly edible, very sustainable and tastes great too!  Finally she visits a student run vegetable garden at Lawrence University in Appleton that provides food to the University cafeteria. (2010) – DVD  (28:00).

The Wisconsin Gardener: The Artful Gardener: The Legacy of Jan Wos (#19116)

To many of us gardening is an art form, and Jan Wos consistently showed Wisconsin gardeners how to create living works of art. In this episode, friends and fellow gardeners remember Jan, a frequent guest on The Wisconsin Gardener, who passed away in May of 2011. (2012) – DVD (26:45).

The Wisconsin Gardener: The End of the Season is Just the Beginning (#19070)

Host Shelley Ryan travels to Rotary Gardens in Janesville to look at perennials and annuals that do not even reach their peak until fall.  In Lone Rock, Master Gardener volunteer Roger Reynolds builds the perfect compost pile and shares the secrets to his success.  He also teaches the fine art of lasagna gardening.  No, it does not involve pasta, but your garden will thank you for it as you create healthy weed-free beds for next spring. Finally, at Middlebury Hills CSA Farm near Barneveld, the topic is planting fall vegetables using germination blankets. (2010) – DVD  (29:00).

The Wisconsin Gardener: The First Gardens (#19115)

Travel back in time to look at the fossil record of plants that existed in ancient times in Wisconsin’s first gardens. And, learn how to make a dinosaur terrarium. It’s a great project for kids, or those of us who still like to pretend we’re kids. (2012) – DVD (26:45)

The Wisconsin Gardener: Urban Gardening (#19121)

Master Gardener Shelley Ryan and her guests learn what horticultural therapy is and how it’s used; buy local at the South Madison Farmer’s Market, learn how to dry home grown fruits and vegetables; and discover some of the unique places where bees thrive. (2012) – DVD (26:45).

The Wisconsin Gardener: Water Conservation (#19091)

Shelley Ryan & her  guests focus on water management issues in your backyard.  They look at a way to create a flower bed in nine inches of gravel that requires no water; learn about Prickly Pear Cactus as well as other cacti; how to conserve water while keeping a lawn healthy and finally, ways to prevent storm water runoff in our own driveways with water permeable concrete. (2011) – DVD  (29:00).

The Wisconsin Gardener: Weeds, Wine and Chocolate (#19022)

Host Shelley Ryan focuses on weeds, wine and chocolate.  In Pardeeville, she learns how to control noxious weeds like Buckthorn, Honeysuckle and Garlic Mustard and how to replace them with something more attractive like Wild Ginger.  In Green Bay, she plants gorgeous containers with plants that go with wine and chocolate.  And finally, she learns recipes for butternut squash. (2009) – DVD  (28:00).

The Wisconsin Gardener: Whiffs, Wasps and Wonders (#19117)

Shelley Ryan and her guests learn to recognize the Dutch Elm Disease fungus; visit the historic Village of Cooksville where outhouses have become the focal point of elegant gardens; discover a giant wasp that is new to Wisconsin and learn  ikebana – the ancient Japanese art of flower arranging. (2012) – DVD (26:45)