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Forest Roads and the Environment Series (#18828)

Six part production providing information on rural gravel and dirt road maintenance.  Set in federal forests, but the basic information is helpful for all rural low volume roads.  Some segments are also available individually as indicated.  Segments include:  1. Forest Roads and the Environment  (18:00). – 2. Reading the Traveled Way (#18560) (16:00). – 3. Reading Beyond the Traveled Way (17:00). – 4. Smoothing and Reshaping the Traveled Way (#18561) (18:00). – 5. Maintaining the Ditch and Surface Cross Drains (16:00). – 6.  Dangerous Travelers (26:00).  (2006) –  DVD (116:00 – total).

Insects (#18678)

Entomology for Master Gardeners.  Consists of three parts: An introduction (39:40); Managing insects via IPM (22:45) and Beneficial insects (15:00).  (2001) – VHS VIDEO (76:00).

Mower Operation I & II  (#16818)

Two-part production covering various aspects of mower operation in highway maintenance programs. Part I (14:30) covers pre-operation inspection of the mower and power equipment used in mower operation. Part II (14:20) discusses the actual mowing operation, as well as good mowing procedures on roadsides and median areas.   VHS VIDEO  (29:00)

Plant Identification Learning Laboratory Kit (#18835)

Set of learn-by-doing activities introducing students to the basic concepts and terminology used in the identification of deciduous trees and shrubs.  Designed as a series of mini-learning stations, where participants can test their own knowledge and abilities. Topics covered include: Bark, Stems, Leaves, Flowers, Fruit, Buds and Bud and Leaf Arrangement. (1996) – INCLUDES LESSON PLANS, AS WELL AS A VARIETY OF POSTERS, DIAGRAMS, IDENTIFICATION TAGS, AND INSTRUCTIONS.

Poisonous Plants (#18737)

Shows examples of poisonous ivy, oak and sumac. Gives tips on identification and treatment.  Explains some myths along with ideas for prevention of exposure. (1990) – VHS VIDEO  (8:00)

Proper Operation of Leaf Blowers (English Language Version) (#19127)

Provides comprehensive training on operation of leaf blowers and discusses maintenance, refueling and personal protective equipment needed for safe leaf blower operation. (Spanish Language version also available “Uso Correcto de las Sopladoras” – #19128.) (2000) – DVD (19:50).

Right-of-Way Mowing Safety  (#17898)

Points out hidden hazards of right-of-way mowing and suggests ways to deal with them.  (1996) – VHS VIDEO  (24:00)

The Safe Operation of Commercial Lawn Mowers (#19113)

Fast-paced program presents basic safety procedures for fueling, use of guards, personal protective equipment, planning a mowing operation and policing the mowing area. Includes a list of best practices for mowing on slopes and effective equipment maintenance. Useful training for both new and experienced mower operators. (2010) – DVD (12:39).

Tree Trimming Safety (#19028)

Begins with a thorough safety review of tree trimming equipment including chainsaws, ropes, belts, climbing gear, ladders, pole saws, areal trucks, chippers, and personal protective gear.  Reviews safety procedures, crew size, and operation planning for trimming, felling, and bucking near electric lines, buildings, and the public. (1999) – DVD  (20:00).

Turning Your Spoils to Soil  (#18255)

Explains the basics of how to recycle your yard and kitchen waste through home composting.  Describes how to use yard waste as mulch and explains the importance of leaving grass clippings on the lawn.  (1997) – VHS VIDEO  (20:00).

Uso Correcto de las Sopladoras (Proper Operation of Leaf Blowers) (Spanish Language Version) (#19128)

Provides comprehensive training on operation of leaf blowers and discusses maintenance, refueling and personal protective equipment needed for safe leaf blower operation. (English Language version also available – #19127.) (2000) – DVD (19:50).

WSI: Groundskeeping Safety (#19114)

Follows two Workplace Safety Investigators (WSIs) as they look for causes behind a rash of workplace accidents experienced during field operations in a parks and recreation maintenance department. Good opportunity for supervisors and crew leaders to learn from the approach these professionals take and their findings. (2011) – DVD (19:11).