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Plant Identification Learning Laboratory Kit (#18835)

Set of learn-by-doing activities introducing students to the basic concepts and terminology used in the identification of deciduous trees and shrubs.  Designed as a series of mini-learning stations, where participants can test their own knowledge and abilities. Topics covered include: Bark, Stems, Leaves, Flowers, Fruit, Buds and Bud and Leaf Arrangement. (1996) – INCLUDES LESSON PLANS, AS WELL AS A VARIETY OF POSTERS, DIAGRAMS, IDENTIFICATION TAGS, AND INSTRUCTIONS.

Turning Your Spoils to Soil  (#18255)

Explains the basics of how to recycle your yard and kitchen waste through home composting.  Describes how to use yard waste as mulch and explains the importance of leaving grass clippings on the lawn.  (1997) – VHS VIDEO  (20:00).