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Bridgestone Winter Driving School: Modern Winter Driving Techniques (#18789)

Experts from the Bridgestone Winter Driving School teach the theories and techniques needed to confidently navigate even the worst winter roads.  Focuses on vehicle preparation, braking situations (with and without ABS), skid control, cornering control, accident avoidance and more. (2002) – VHS VIDEO  (25:00)

Driving Modern Roundabouts: Rules of the Road (#18918)

Shows how to drive through a roundabout, explaining the rules of the road for roundabouts. The rules are illustrated using video of traffic in a multi lane roundabout. Discussion of truck, pedestrian and bicycle travel through roundabouts is also included. Appropriate for presentation to officials and the public when roundabouts are proposed or are being opened to traffic. (Also available as part of Roundabout DVD – #19129) (2002) – DVD  (10:00)

Driving Snow: the Keys to Winter Driving  (#18270)

Good reminder of the basics of winter driving for automobile drivers with limited experience.  Good refresher for experienced drivers.  Nice scenes of Jackson Hole, Wyoming. (1993) – VHS VIDEO  (15:00)

The Roads of Winter: A Game for Drivers of All Ages  (#17788)

Driver/players watch depictions of actual winter driving conditions and discuss correct driving techniques for given situations. A good way to test your knowledge.   VHS VIDEO  (18:00)