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Beginner’s Guide to Raising & Showing Chickens (#19046)

Teaches the basics of raising and maintaining a healthy flock of chickens and then, if viewers choose, how to prepare to win at shows.  Consists of short chapters that can be used in any order including – Choosing Chicks; Flock Care; Showing Chickens; How to Win at Poultry Showmanship; Butchering – How to Kill and Clean a Chicken for the Table. Created specifically with the young learner in mind.  (2006) – DVD  (90:00.)

4-H Poultry Judging Contest (#18741)

Interactive cd intended for youth interested in competing in poultry judging contests.  Segments include – Past Egg Production Placing; RTC Broiler Carcass; RTC Heavy Broiler Carcass; RTC Turkey Carcass Grading; RTC Parts Identification; Exterior Egg Grading; Candled Market Eggs; Broken Out Eggs.  (2003) – CD-ROM.

From Chick to Champ  (#17490)

Covers basics of raising poultry, including Knowing Your Bird; Showmanship & Show Preparation; Dubbing, and Artificial Insemination.  (1988) – VHS VIDEO  (110 min.)

Poultry Learning Lab Interactive CD-ROM (#18537)

Comprehensive study guide and reference source based on the Poultry Learning Lab Kit.  Topics covered include Anatomy, Breed Identification, Meat Science, Egg Quality, Chicken/Turkey Evaluation, Quality Assurance and Equipment and Facility Management.  Includes multiple quizzes.  (1997) – CD-ROM.

Poultry Learning Laboratory Kit (#18564)

Mini-learning stations where participants can test their knowledge and abilities regarding poultry.  Topics covered include Anatomy, Poultry Breeds, Meat & Eggs, Carcass Evaluation, Quality Assurance and Equipment & Facility Management.  (1998) – INCLUDES A VARIETY OF POSTERS, CHARTS, DIAGRAMS, IDENTIFICATION TAGS, SITUATION/TASK STATEMENTS AND INSTRUCTIONS.

Quality Assurance: Strengthening the Chain of Wholesome Food Production (#18123)

Addresses topics related to quality assurance and livestock production, such as proper injection sites, facilities, nutrition, care and handling, and following label instructions on animal health products. Touches on the many similarities between the production of high quality corn and the production of high quality food animals. (1997) – VHS VIDEO (16:00), FACILITATOR GUIDE.

Small Animal Judging/Poultry  (#15821)

UWEX Small Animal Specialist John Skinner uses several animals to discuss what a judge looks for in poultry entries and how 4-H’er’s should prepare for successful competition.  (1981) – VHS VIDEO  (15:00)

Small Animal Showmanship/Poultry  (#15823)

UWEX Small Animal Specialist John Skinner shows how a judge would conduct a detailed examination of poultry in breed competition and then discusses and evaluates a 4-H’er’s showmanship presentation.  (1981) – VHS VIDEO  (15:00)