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ATV Safety on the Farm  (#17572)

Offers a concise overview of ATV safety basics for both farm operators and employees. Though focuses on farm operations, useful for anyone using ATVs for utility applications.  (1992) – VHS VIDEO  (11:00).

Bio-Security (#18900)

Dairy skillathon focusing on ensuring that people are taking correct bio-security measures on farms and at shows and sales.  Demonstrates what to watch for in your animals and other animals at shows and sales to prevent the spread of contagious diseases.  Intermediate level. (2007) – LAMINATED SKILLATHON STATION, INFORMATION, QUESTION & ANSWER SHEETS.  (Dairy Skillathon Series)

Driveline Safety…and You!  (#17356)

Provides an overview of methods to prevent accidents when working around power take-off (PTO) drivelines on agricultural equipment. Includes information on maintenance of PTO drivelines and how to prevent damage to PTO components.  (1991) – VHS VIDEO  (22:00)

Every Time…Every Ride (#17838)

Demonstrates need for SEI protective headgear when horseback riding. Features interviews blended with footage of horses in a wide variety of sports to show the benefits of wearing the proper equine helmet, as well as the unfortunate consequences of riding without one.  (1995) – VHS VIDEO  (20:00)

Farm and Ranch Electrical Safety  (#18034)

Demonstrates many of the everyday farm practices that can result in electric shock. Discusses how electricity works, various electrical hazards on farms and ranches, basic rules of safe operation, removing hazards, what to do in an electrical emergency. Particularly well-suited for irrigation systems, but applicable to all farms and ranches, including dairies. Contains English and Spanish versions on same tape.  (1992) – VHS VIDEO  (19:00)

Farm and Ranch Equipment Safety  (#17092)

Discusses farm and ranch equipment accidents and what can be done to reduce them. Bob Tallman, famous rodeo personality and the voice behind “The American Farmer” radio program narrates and discusses important safety considerations. Emergency Medical Technicians discuss accident situations they have experienced. (Both English and Spanish versions on one tape).  (1990) – VHS VIDEO  (19:00)

Farm Implement Safety (#16795)

Covers a variety of aspects of farm machinery safety, featuring personal descriptions of accidents by victims or family members.  (1976) – VHS VIDEO  (18:00)

Farm Machinery Accidents  (#17364)

An introduction to farm accident rescue, intended for emergency medical service (EMS) personnel and first responder rescue squads. Provides general procedures for conducting a farm accident rescue, and overviews of a tractor rollover, PTO entanglement, hydraulic-equipment crushing injury, and machinery entanglement rescue.  (1987) – VHS VIDEO (17:00)

Farm Safety Composite Programs  (#17093)

Seven segments on 1 videocassette designed to complement the Iowa State Tractor materials. Focuses on the farm as a danger zone. Programs include: 1. “Starting and Stopping Tractors” – 2. “Tractor Safety on the Farm” – 3. “Tractor Hitches, PTO, Hydraulics” – 4. “Tractor Safety on the Road” – 5. “Why Farm Accidents Occur” – 6. “Farm Machinery Accident Situations” – 7. “Farmstead Safety”. (1990) – VHS VIDEO  (64:00 – total)

How to Have an Accident  (#15428)

Farmers and their children tell what led up to their farm accidents. Shows how human factors like fatigue, haste, carelessness, or stress can contribute to tractor and machinery accidents.  (1983) – VHS VIDEO  (27:00)

John Deere Consolidated Safety Video  (#16796)

Eleven segments on agricultural safety topics. 1) Bypass Starting…The Deadly Shortcut (Ag). 2) Bypass Starting… The Deadly Shortcut (Industrial). 3) Warning Signs. 4) Safety On The Farm. 5) A Positive Safety Attitude. 6) A Mowing Safety Lesson. 7) Split Seconds, Split Lives.  8) Accidents Last Forever. 9) Target: You! Combine Safety – features “Gotta Go Joe”. 10) Target: You! Tractor Safety – features “Gotta Go Joe”. 11) Dangers of Bypass Starting. (1989) – VHS VIDEO (84 min total), PROGRAM GUIDE.

Making Farms Safe for Kids  (#16797)

 Covers dangerous situations on farms where children might be injured, how to avoid such situations and the need for proper training and supervision. (1989) – VHS VIDEO  (18:00)

Power Take-off Safety – A Way of Life (#18122)

An overview of the hazards of power take-off drivelines, driveline components and safe operating practices. (1995) – VHS VIDEO  (8:00)

Prevention: Tractor Overturns & Tow Rope Safety  (#16799)

Demonstrates how tractors overturn and what not to do, as well as the improper use of tow ropes. Topics covered include the use of roll bars and safety cabs, and what types of rope pull best and are the safest.   VHS VIDEO  (7:00)

Round Bale Safety, and Operational Tips and Techniques for Large Round Balers  (#17357)

Two programs on one videotape. I. “Round Bale Safety” discusses safe procedures to follow when working with round hay bales (9:12). II. “Operational Tips and Techniques for Large Round Balers” (22:00) provides tips for use of John Deere balers to produce consistent large round bales.  (1991) – VHS VIDEO  (31:00)

Rural Kids…Safe Kids  (#17802)

Depicts several scenes in which school-aged children are left home alone on the farm or in a rural setting. After each scene, the audience brainstorms alternative responses to the situation. Stresses the importance of families developing a plan for when children are home alone. (1994) – VHS VIDEO (23:00), PROGRAM GUIDE.

Safe Horse Farm Operations  (#17854)

Focuses on safe practices and procedures to follow when operating a horse farm.  (1992) – VHS VIDEO  (15:00)

Safety Net  (#17803)

An “info-tainment” video for middle-school aged youth that takes a fast paced and entertaining look at dangers on the farm. Includes a live power take-off demonstration, a farm quiz competition and special report on ATV.  (1994) – VHS VIDEO  (15:00)

Tractor Accidents – “It’s Not Gonna Happen to Me” (#17087)

Discusses situations that lead to accidents involving tractors. Covers proper procedures to follow ranging from checking the tractor before operation to uses of the tractor. Shows the dangers of situations such as driving up a hill or along the slope. Good for general tractor safety programs.  (1990) – VHS VIDEO (25:00), TEACHING GUIDE.

Tractor Safety Begins with You  (#16801)

Covers the safe operation and maintenance of farm, landscaping and estate tractors. Aimed at tractor renters, farm audiences and anyone who will be operating a tractor.  VHS VIDEO (20:00), BROCHURE.

Tractor Safety is No Accident  (#16802)

Focuses on safe operating procedures for farm tractors.   VHS VIDEO  (17:00).

Youth and Dairy Cattle: A Safe Partnership  (#17747)

Working with dairy cattle should be a fun, rewarding way for youth to learn new skills. Safety is an important factor, since half of all farm injuries to people ages 6-18 are associated with cattle. By teaching about cattle behavior and common sources of farm injury, this video helps lower risks for any young person or new cattle handler. (1994) – VHS VIDEO (16:00), BULLETIN #A3616.