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Beyond Drainage: a New Approach to Stormwater Management (#19033)

Explains how stormwater management has expanded to include water quality and flood control in addition to traditional drainage objectives. Provides examples of commonly used stormwater management facilities and pollution prevention practices. Designed for use at public meetings, boards of public works, plan commissions, land use committees, etc. (1995) – DVD (9:00), PRINT MATERIALS.

Dane Waters: a Reflection of Us All (#19062)

Focusing on Dane County, Wisconsin, demonstrates how communities and individuals can adopt practices that protect their local waters.  Residents need to limit salt use in the winter and use phosphorous-free fertilizers.  Others ideas include installing rain gardens or rain barrels with hoses or joining groups concerned with water quality.  In areas with high population density and multiple lakes and streams, pavement run-off heats the water and picks up heavy metal, phosphorous, bacteria and other toxins that pollute local water bodies. (2007) – DVD  (26:00)

The Living Shore: Best Management Practices for Shoreland Vegetation (#19040)

Introduction to the values of shoreland areas for lakeshore owners.  Visual images illustrate the importance of shorelands and the change that humans often bring to them.  Travel from wild lakes to urban shores to better understand how our choices affect the lakes around us.  (1998) – DVD (17:00), PROGRAM GUIDE

An Ounce of Prevention: Wellhead Protection (#19118)

Learn how wellhead protection can protect the groundwater supply for your community and future generations. Using the experiences of Wisconsin communities, describes wellhead protection planning, its benefits, and the resources available to help your community take action. (2000) – VHS VIDEO (16:12).

Running a River: The Wisconsin (#19044)

Explores the diverse activities along one of Wisconsin’s great natural resources. Portrays many aspects of the Wisconsin River, from its history, to its management for flood control and use by industries, to its use as a wildlife habitat and recreation area. (1986) – DVD  (29:00)

A String of Pearls: Wisconsin’s Estuaries along Lake Superior (#19047)

Examines twelve estuaries along Wisconsin’s northern coastline on Lake Superior. An individual knowledgeable about each estuary offers their perspective on what makes that particular estuary both important and unique. (2004) – DVD  (47:00).

Understanding Invasive Intruders: Aquatic Invasive Species in Northern Wisconsin (#19061)

Focuses on aquatic invasive species (both plant and animal) that have moved into the lakes and streams of Northern Wisconsin.  Each invasive organism has a specific, destructive effect on the eco-system.  Concentrating on some of the most aggressive – Purple Loosestrife, Eurasian Water Milfoil, Zebra Mussels, Spiny Water Flea, Rusty Brown Crayfish and a variety of invasive fish species, explains how they have affected the waters of Northern Wisconsin and discusses what can be done to minimize their spread and infestation. (2005) – DVD  (18:00).

The Wisconsin Gardener: Water Conservation (#19091)

Shelley Ryan & her  guests focus on water management issues in your backyard.  They look at a way to create a flower bed in nine inches of gravel that requires no water; learn about Prickly Pear Cactus as well as other cacti; how to conserve water while keeping a lawn healthy and finally, ways to prevent storm water runoff in our own driveways with water permeable concrete. (2011) – DVD  (29:00).