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Jefferson County Clean Sweep Program (#19122)

The cities, towns and villages of Jefferson County, Wisconsin are recognizing the need to deal effectively with hazardous waste materials.  The county has identified 3 types of materials (hazardous waste & chemicals, electronics, unused medications) that can readily be recycled or disposed of.  Each one is explained as well as where you can dispose of it and what happens to it after you do. (2012) – DVD (11:26).

Sustainable Marshfield (#19094)

A city council member, fire chief, utility manager and landscape architect, discuss Marshfield WI’s journey to sustainability by reducing dependence on fossil fuels, chemicals and activities that harm life-sustaining eco-systems. (2011) – DVD  (14:00).

Turning Your Spoils to Soil  (#18255)

Explains the basics of how to recycle your yard and kitchen waste through home composting.  Describes how to use yard waste as mulch and explains the importance of leaving grass clippings on the lawn.  (1997) – VHS VIDEO  (20:00).