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Chain Saw Safety, Maintenance & Operation (STIHL) (#18917)

Provides detailed information on chain saw features, maintenance, saw chain sharpening, protective apparel and proper chain saw operation. The DVD format divides the topics into 5 chapters that can be easily accessed for shorter training sessions focused on a particular topic.  Produced by STIHL, Inc. (2006) – DVD  (63:00)

Chain Saw Safety (Siegel) (#18552)

Covers personal protection, safety features to look for and how to operate a chain saw safely.  Demonstrates starting, fueling, kickback, buddy system, limbing, pruning, preventive maintenance and personal protective equipment.  Produced by Siegel. (1994) – VHS VIDEO  (23:00)

Chainsaw Safety Basics: An Expert’s Perspective (#19110)

Focuses on the basics of chainsaw operation, routine maintenance, and typical safety problems.     Covers preparing a work plan, use of personal protective equipment, safe fueling, and safe handling of a saw. Essential for new operators and good reminder for experienced tree trimmers and woodcutters. (2012) – DVD (13:56).

Chainsaw Safety, Maintenance and Operation (FISTA) (#18115)

Demonstrates chainsaw maintenance, proper use of protective equipment, and felling, limbing, and bucking techniques. Produced by FISTA. (1996) – VHS VIDEO  (19:00)

Chainsaw Safety (Wumbus) (#19025)

Of all the tools found in the workplace and home, chainsaws rank as the most dangerous.  Practical tips make this a good introduction to the basics of chainsaw safety for the new employee.  It can also serve as a check for the self-taught user and a review for the old hand. Produced by Wumbus Corp. (1999) – DVD  (13:00)

Firewood Banner: Protect the Trees Where You Live, Play or Camp (#19139)

Horizontal banner promoting awareness of the Emerald Ash Borer and firewood quarantines.  “You can keep the trees in Wisconsin’s yards, parks and forests healthy and beautiful.  How?  It’s simple.   Don’t move firewood.”  Measures 34” H x 83” W with metal grommets for hanging. (Also available as a vertical, free-standing display -#19106) (2011) – VINYL HORIZONTAL BANNER

Firewood Display: Protect the Trees Where You Live, Play or Camp (#19106)

Retractable “window shade” style vertical display in its own stand promoting  awareness of the Emerald Ash Borer and firewood quarantines.  “You can keep the trees in Wisconsin’s yards, parks and forests healthy and beautiful.  How?  It’s simple.   Don’t move firewood.”  Measures 87” H x 35” W  in 10” D stand when fully extended.  (Also available as a vinyl horizontal banner measuring 34″H x 83″ W – #19139) (2011) – SELF-CONTAINED DISPLAY WITH FOLDING SUPPORTING ROD.

Forest Roads and the Environment Series (#18828)

Six part production providing information on rural gravel and dirt road maintenance.  Set in federal forests, but the basic information is helpful for all rural low volume roads.  Some segments are also available individually as indicated.  Segments include:  1. Forest Roads and the Environment  (18:00). – 2. Reading the Traveled Way (#18560) (16:00). – 3. Reading Beyond the Traveled Way (17:00). – 4. Smoothing and Reshaping the Traveled Way (#18561) (18:00). – 5. Maintaining the Ditch and Surface Cross Drains (16:00). – 6.  Dangerous Travelers (26:00).  (2006) –  DVD (116:00 – total).

Forestry Education (#19037)

Focuses on the importance of the forested watershed of Lake Superior.  The forest is crucial to the region’s economy and stability in the form of the logging and tourism industries.  Discusses the role of UW-Extension in teaching youth the importance of their role in continued environmental stewardship of the forest. (2002) – DVD  (11:00)

Managing Northern Hardwoods for Long Term Sustainability (#19041)

Gives woodland owners and loggers the tools to develop a forest management plan.  Explains practices they should follow for optimal harvest and improved economic return.  Focuses on the principles of sustainable management as related to northern hardwoods.. (1998) – DVD  (16:00)

Reading the Traveled Way (#18560)

Focuses on understanding what the condition of a forest road is and providing insights on how to proactively avoid costly repairs by properly addressing the road in its current condition. Looks at common problems of gravel and unimproved roads, including rutting, washboarding, potholes, destroyed road template, cracks, flour, loss of surfacing, excessive vegetation, water bypassing the surface cross drains, damaged or filled cattleguards, damage to bridges and fords. (Part 2 of Forest Roads and the Environment Series, complete series also available – #18828). (2002) – VHS VIDEO  (16:00)

Smoothing and Reshaping the Traveled Way (#18561)

Provides a detailed step-by-step process for smoothing and reshaping unsurfaced roads.  Topics covered include crowned roads, insloped roads, outsloped roads and transition sections.  Focuses on forest surface roads, but is appropriate for unsurfaced roads in other locations as well. (Part 4 of Forest Roads and the
Environment Series, complete series also available – #18828). (2002) – VHS VIDEO  (18:00)