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Learning from the Heart: Reflections on Child-Centered Teaching  (#17340)

Designed to help people who work with youth do so in positive ways that will help young people learn and grow. Content includes the need for youth to make decisions, designing meaningful experiences and encouraging youth to share their learning. Focuses on 4-H, but appropriate for anyone working with youth. (1991) – VHS VIDEO (16:00), PROGRAM GUIDE.

Trust and Transformation: An Introduction to Transformational Education (#18776)

6/22/05 UWEX satellite videoconference offering an introduction to Transformational Education. Examines the characteristics of Transformational Education and how it applies to Wisconsin Cooperative Extension. Features a case study and county initiatives that exemplify Transformational Education. (2005) – DVD VIDEO (2 hours), PROGRAM GUIDE.

Who Moved My Cheese? (#18545)

Based on the best-selling business book, “Who Moved My Cheese?” is a simple parable that teaches a way to deal with change in your work and in your life.  It is the story of 4 characters who live in a “Maze” and look for “Cheese” to nourish them and make them happy.  “Cheese” is a metaphor for what we want in life…good job, loving relationship, money, peace of mind.  “The Maze” is where we look for what we want…the organization we live in, family, community.  In the story the characters are faced with unexpected change and deal with it in a variety of ways.  In the process they discover how to deal with change so they can enjoy more success and less stress. (1999) – VHS VIDEOCASSETTE (13:00), PRINT MATERIALS, WHO MOVED MY CHEESE?  (Up to 45 copies of the book may be borrowed for the audience – takes less than an hour to read)  **When you order – please specify whether or not you’d like the book to be sent with the video, as well as how many copies you need.**