Community Based Education

Community Based Education

Cooperative Extension offers timely access to university research and knowledge through educational colleagues in 72 county offices, on five 4-year campuses and within three tribal nations.  We work with local, state and federal partners to offer educational programs that address the important issues of individuals, families, business and communities.

Inclusive Excellence in our educational programming means culturally competent and assessable content and instructional methods well as alternative program development models appropriate to the needs of our audiences.  It means that we strive to increase access to traditionally underserved audiences and partnerships through special outreach efforts and by listening to the voices of our learners and our stakeholders. We constantly seek to increase our capacity to be effective working across cultures,  ethnicities, abilities and lifestyles through professional development opportunities.

The links offered here are some of the educational resources we use to move toward Inclusive Excellence.


Extension en Expañol

Family Living Programs: Advancing Diversity

Hmong Chart Book

Intercultural Communications Institute

International Activities Resource Center

Latino Resources

Native American Task Force

New Orleans Multicultural Immersion Program

Translation and Interpretation Advisory Committee Report


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