Welcome to Inclusive Excellence in Cooperative Extension

Inclusion Excellence is the active and intentional engagement, appreciation and welcoming of diversity and differences in ideas, in people, in our educational programming and in the communities we serve. Diversity and inclusion are essential to our sustainability and central to our mission, our values and our strategic directions.  Inclusive Excellence is built on a foundation of compliance with civil rights, affirmative action and equal opportunity laws and policies and special outreach to audiences that historically have been neglected.

In Cooperative Extension we strive to:

  • Expand access to our educational programs by making special efforts to reach out to traditionally underrepresented and neglected groups of people.
  • Build the capacity of Extension educators to develop and implement educational programs that are relevant and appropriate our learners and their cultures.
  • Encourage potential job candidates who offer diversity of all kinds to apply for our positions.
  • Create welcome workplaces that recognize and appreciate colleagues for all they contribute.
  • Implement organizational strategies that recognize differences in race, ethnicity, gender identification, sexual orientation, age, physical ability and other human differences.

We invite you to explore this portal and to hear testimonials by Dean and Director Richard Klemme and Former Associate Dean and Director Yvonne Horton about efforts to build an inclusive Cooperative Extension.


Richard Klemme, Dean and Director of  Cooperative Extension on Diversity

Yvonne Horton, Former Associate Dean and Director of Cooperative Extension on Diversity